Best Mantras to Stop Black Magic Spells

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It is not unusual to come across people who wish to harm others using negative energies or black magic spells. But you don’t have to feel helpless in such situations. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from these harmful forces using special phrases or chants, known as mantras.

In this article we will walk through various mantras and methods that will help shield you from black magic spells. Step by step, we’ll show you how to build a protective bubble around you, keeping all the negativity at bay. So, get ready to learn about the best mantras to stop black magic spells and step into a safer, happier life.

Best Mantras to Stop Black Magic Spells

Saraswati Mantra

This mantra is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of wisdom and knowledge. Chanting this mantra can grant clarity of thought and a strong shield against mind-affecting black magic spells.

  • Pronunciation: Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah
  • Meaning: “I bow to Goddess Saraswati.”
  • Chanting Benefits: It helps to enhance intellect, creativity, and protection against malevolent intentions directed towards one’s mind.

Sudarshana Mantra

This mantra invokes Lord Sudarshana, the powerful deity with a discus capable of dispelling darkness and negativity.

  • Pronunciation: Om Sudarshanaya Vidmahe Maha Jwalaaya Dhimahi Tanno Chakra Prachodayat
  • Meaning: “I meditate on the great flame; let the discus inspire me.”
  • Chanting Benefits: This mantra can create a fiery barrier of protection against black magic and helps to dispel darkness and ignorance.

Ganesh Mantra

This mantra is to invoke Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the guardian of new beginnings, to protect against negative forces and black magic spells.

  • Pronunciation: Om Gan Ganapataye Namah
  • Meaning: “I bow to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Helps to remove obstacles, guard against negative energies, and pave the way for success and prosperity.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Considered one of the most potent mantras, this chant is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known to protect against death and serious illnesses, including shielding from black magic.

  • Pronunciation: Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat
  • Meaning: “We worship the three-eyed one (Lord Shiva) who nourishes all that is healthy, freeing us from the bondage of death like a cucumber separated from its vine, but not severing our connection from immortality.”
  • Chanting Benefits: It is believed to protect against death, illnesses, and negative forces, granting longevity and vitality.

Gayatri Mantra

One of the most universal mantras, it is dedicated to the sun deity and helps to illuminate the mind and protect against dark forces and negative energies.

  • Pronunciation: Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat
  • Meaning: “We meditate on the divine light of the sun, may it inspire our intellect.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Helps to enlighten the mind, bring clarity, and create a shield of light that protects against dark forces and negativity.

Bhairav Mantra

This is a powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Bhairav, a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. It is known to safeguard individuals from evil spirits and black magic.

  • Pronunciation: Om Batuk Bhairvaye Namaha
  • Meaning: “I bow to Lord Bhairav, the fierce form of Lord Shiva.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Provides protection from evil spirits and negative energies, grants courage to face challenges, and brings success in endeavors.

Kali Durge Namo Namah

This mantra combines the energies of Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga, known for their immense power to destroy evil forces.

  • Pronunciation: Kali Durge Namo Namah
  • Meaning: “Salutations to Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Protects from black magic, dispels negativity, and grants strength to overcome hurdles in life.

Shatru Nashak Mantra

A potent mantra for warding off enemies and negative influences including black magic spells.

  • Pronunciation: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
  • Meaning: “I bow to Lord Vasudeva.”
  • Chanting Benefits: This mantra is known to protect from enemies and negative forces, bringing peace and harmony in life.

Vishnu Panjara Stotra

This mantra is a fortress of protection crafted through the names and attributes of Lord Vishnu.

  • Pronunciation: Klim Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijanavallabhaya Swaha
  • Meaning: “I bow to Krishna, the joy of the Gopis and the embodiment of divine love.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Grants protection against negative energies, evil spirits, and black magic spells, fostering a protective shield around the individual.

Narayan Mantra

This mantra is dedicated to Lord Narayan, a serene and nurturing form of Lord Vishnu.

  • Pronunciation: Om Namo Narayanaya
  • Meaning: “I bow to Lord Narayan.”
  • Chanting Benefits: Helps in calming the mind, fostering peace and protection from negative energies and influences.

Best Self Mantras to Stop Black Magic Spells

Affirmation of Self-Love

  • Mantra: “I am worthy of love and respect, no negative energy can affect me.”
  • Usage: Repeat this mantra whenever you feel the need to shield yourself from negative energies. It reinforces your inner strength and self-esteem.

Shield of Light Visualization

  • Mantra: “I am surrounded by a shield of positive light that repels all negative energies.”
  • Usage: Visualize a bright shield of light surrounding you as you chant this mantra, effectively blocking any negative influences or energies directed towards you.

Assertion of Resilience

  • Mantra: “I am resilient, I am protected, no harm can come to me.”
  • Usage: Use this mantra to cultivate a resilient mindset, enabling you to remain unaffected by external negative influences.

The Circle of Protection

  • Mantra: “I create a circle of protection around me that repels all black magic spells.”
  • Usage: Envision a circle of protective energy around you, which acts as a barrier against any malevolent forces or spells.

Grounding and Centering

  • Mantra: “I am grounded, I am centered, nothing can shake my inner peace.”
  • Usage: This mantra helps you to stay grounded and centered, forming a firm foundation that black magic spells cannot penetrate.

Declaration of Independence

  • Mantra: “I am independent of external influences, I command my space with authority.”
  • Usage: This mantra helps to cultivate a sense of authority over your own space, making it difficult for negative energies to infiltrate.

Mantra for Harmonizing Energies

  • Mantra: “I harmonize with the energies of love and peace, repelling all discordant energies.”
  • Usage: Use this mantra to align yourself with harmonious energies, which naturally repel discordant and negative forces.

Affirmation of Healing

  • Mantra: “I am healing, I am whole, no black magic can affect my well-being.”
  • Usage: This mantra promotes healing and wholeness, creating an energetic barrier against black magic spells.

Implementing the Best Mantras to Stop Black Magic Spells

Implementing these mantras in your daily life involves more than just uttering the words. It’s about cultivating a mindset and an atmosphere where positivity reigns supreme and negativity finds no foothold. Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate these empowering mantras into your daily routine.

Daily Morning Affirmations

Start your day with a dose of positivity by chanting these mantras as morning affirmations. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and affirm these mantras with conviction. This practice sets a positive tone for the rest of the day, making you less susceptible to negative energies.

Mindful Meditation

Incorporate these mantras into your meditation practice. As you meditate, silently repeat the mantra in your mind, focusing on its vibrations and meanings. This not only helps in grounding you but also creates a protective aura around you, shielding you from black magic spells and negative energies.

Creating a Protective Bubble

Visualize a protective bubble around you as you chant these mantras. Picture this bubble being impermeable to negative energies and black magic spells. Whenever you feel threatened or uneasy, envision this bubble enveloping you, keeping you safe and secure.


Incorporate these mantras into your journaling routine. Write them down, and next to each, jot down the positive effects you observe in your life as a result of chanting these mantras. This exercise not only reinforces the power of the mantras but also helps you track your progress and the positive changes occurring in your life.

Art and Creativity

You can also embody these mantras through art and creativity. Paint, draw, or craft something that represents the essence of these mantras. This not only serves as a therapeutic outlet but also creates physical reminders of the protective energies these mantras invoke.

The Art of Protection: Fortifying Yourself Against Black Magic Spells

In the modern world, shielding oneself from negative energies and potential black magic spells extends beyond the realms of superstition. It manifests as a necessary practice to maintain one’s peace of mind and personal well-being. The art of protection is essentially about building an invisible fortress around yourself, one that is resilient and impenetrable. Here’s how you can master this art:

Understanding the Nature of Black Magic Spells

Before you can effectively protect yourself, it is vital to understand the nature of black magic spells. These spells thrive on negative energies, and their potency is often linked to the vulnerability of the target. Therefore, fostering a strong, positive mindset is your first line of defense against such energies.

Physical and Spiritual Hygiene

Maintaining both physical and spiritual cleanliness is an integral part of the art of protection. It entails keeping your surroundings clean and organizing them in a way that promotes the flow of positive energy. Spiritually, it involves regular practices such as meditation, yoga, or prayer to cleanse your inner self.

Wearing Protective Symbols and Talismans

Though not religious, wearing symbols that resonate with you and represent protection can be a powerful tool in shielding oneself from negative energies. These could be personal items infused with positive energy and intentions, acting as a talisman against black magic spells.

Developing Psychic Shielding Techniques

Psychic shielding involves visualizing protective barriers around you. These barriers can be envisioned as a bubble of light, a shield, or a fortress that encapsulates you, effectively repelling negative energies and spells. Cultivate this practice daily, especially in situations where you feel vulnerable.

Engaging in Grounding Activities

Grounding activities, such as walking barefoot on grass or hugging a tree, can help you connect with the Earth’s energies, providing protection and stability. These activities help in dispelling negative energies and realigning your energy field.

Seeking Help from Professionals

If you feel overwhelmed or unable to protect yourself, seeking assistance from professionals specializing in energy healing or protection can be beneficial. They can help cleanse your aura, fortify your energetic boundaries, and provide guidance on maintaining a protective shield around you.

Community Support and Collective Protection

Engaging with a community of like-minded individuals can amplify your protective efforts. Together, you can create a collective shield, fostering an environment where each member supports and protects one another from negative energies and potential spells.


How often should I chant these mantras for effective protection?

Chanting these mantras daily, preferably during the early morning or before going to bed, can be an effective practice. However, in situations where you feel particularly vulnerable, you can chant these mantras as many times as necessary to evoke a sense of protection and peace.

What exactly are black magic spells?

Black magic spells are negative energies or forces that are directed towards an individual with the intention to cause harm, manipulate, or control. These spells can be a product of jealousy, vengeance, or other negative emotions.

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