The Number 108: Mystical and Scientific Importance to Mantras

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The number 108 has been revered as sacred and mysterious across many cultures and spiritual traditions. It represents the universe, the cosmos, and the pursuit of enlightenment. But, did you know that it also holds a fascinating scientific significance?

Let’s explore the origins, spiritual importance, and scientific relevance of this intriguing number.

Origins of 108 in Various Cultures

The significance of 108 transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. From ancient Vedic scriptures to Buddhist teachings, it is considered a sacred number in many spiritual traditions. In Hinduism, 108 is linked to the universe, divine creation, and the nine planets. In Buddhism, it represents the path to enlightenment and the overcoming of worldly desires.

108 in Mathematics and Astronomy

Mathematically, 108 is a Harshad number, meaning it is divisible by the sum of its digits. It is also an abundant number, as the sum of its divisors exceeds 108. In astronomy, the number holds a remarkable relationship with the Sun-Earth-Moon system, adding to its mystique.

The Role of 108 in Mantras

In Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are often repeated 108 times during meditation or chanting. This repetition is believed to enhance the mantra’s power and effectiveness, as well as to connect the practitioner with the divine. Additionally, the number 108 is said to represent the following:

1. The Oneness of the Universe

The number 1 represents the unity of the universe, and the number 0 represents the emptiness or completeness of spiritual practice. The number 8 represents infinity and eternity, symbolizing that the universe is endless and infinite.

2. The Chakras in the Human Body

The human body has seven chakras, which are energy centers that correspond to different aspects of our being. When multiplied by the twelve astrological signs, the result is 108. Therefore, chanting mantras 108 times is believed to balance the energy flow in our chakras and promote overall well-being.

3. The Breath

In yoga, the average person takes 108 breaths per minute while resting. This number is believed to be the ideal rhythm for the body and mind, promoting relaxation and balance.

108 and Spirituality

Hinduism and 108

Significance in Mantras

In Hinduism, the number 108 has a deep spiritual significance. It is believed that chanting a mantra 108 times helps to attune the mind and spirit to the energy of the divine. This practice is thought to remove obstacles, bring clarity, and manifest one’s intentions.

Importance in Rituals and Temples

108 is also an essential part of Hindu rituals and temple architecture. The number is commonly used in the construction of temple steps, pillars, and even the count of deities in the pantheon. Hindu devotees often perform 108 circumambulations around temples as a form of devotion and meditation.

Buddhism and 108

The 108 Defilements

In Buddhism, 108 represents the 108 defilements or afflictions that one must overcome to attain enlightenment. These defilements include ignorance, craving, and anger, among others. By understanding and transcending these afflictions, one can break free from the cycle of suffering and attain spiritual liberation.

Mala Beads and Meditation

Mala beads are a vital part of Buddhist meditation practice, and they often consist of 108 beads. The beads help practitioners keep track of their mantras or prayers while meditating. Chanting a mantra 108 times is believed to purify the mind and guide the practitioner towards enlightenment.

Scientific Relevance of 108

The Golden Ratio and 108

The number 108 also bears a connection to the Golden Ratio, a mathematical concept found in nature, art, and architecture. The Golden Ratio, approximately 1.618, is considered aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. When 108 is divided by 2, the result (54) is a multiple of the Golden Ratio, further illustrating the number’s connection to balance and beauty.

The Sun-Earth-Moon System and 108

One of the most fascinating aspects of the number 108 is its relationship with the Sun-Earth-Moon system. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is approximately 108 times the Sun’s diameter. Similarly, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 108 times the Moon’s diameter. These remarkable coincidences lend a scientific significance to the mystical number 108.

Nature and 108

The number 108 also appears in nature, further highlighting its significance. For example, the ratio of the Earth’s diameter to its polar circumference is approximately 1:108. Additionally, many plants exhibit the Fibonacci sequence in their growth patterns, which is closely related to the golden ratio (approximately 1.618). When you multiply the golden ratio by 108, you get a number that is almost exactly equal to the square root of 2 (approximately 1.414). This connection between 108 and nature’s inherent patterns has led some to believe that 108 is a fundamental number in the natural world.

The Power of 108 in Mantras

The Chanting of Mantras

Mantras are sacred sounds or phrases that are chanted to invoke divine energy and manifest one’s intentions. When chanted 108 times, the repetition of the mantra creates a powerful vibrational frequency that aligns the practitioner with the cosmos and the divine.

The Benefits of 108 Chants

Chanting mantras 108 times can bring numerous benefits, including:

  1. Calming the mind and reducing stress
  2. Enhancing focus and concentration
  3. Strengthening one’s connection to the divine
  4. Attracting positive energy and manifesting intentions
  5. Cultivating a sense of inner peace and wellbeing


The number 108 is a mystical and scientific wonder that holds great importance in mantras and spiritual practices. It not only represents the cosmos, the universe, and the pursuit of enlightenment but also carries mathematical and astronomical significance. Chanting mantras 108 times can help individuals align themselves with the divine, overcome obstacles, and manifest their intentions.


Why do mala beads have 108 beads?

Mala beads often have 108 beads to help practitioners keep track of their mantras or prayers while meditating. Chanting a mantra 108 times is believed to purify the mind, align the practitioner with the divine, and guide them towards enlightenment.

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